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Related to the Christian radio financial guy comment...Well, maybe Jesus will help with the Subdivided Household land-line cancellation/new cell phone plan financial issue too. :-)


Regarding 3yr olds: Amen. My mother always warned me that they only talk about the "terrible twos" to keep you off guard for three. She wasn't kidding.
The funniest joke in our house is for Anna to ask me if I'd like to eat kitty poop.

It's inconsiderate to expect all those people to pay attention to their driving. It interrupts their phone conversations.

We've got a Verizon plan in your price range, but have spotty reception. Because we live in the boonies or something. Our whole neighborhood has trouble with cell reception with any carrier. Maybe you Shaler people have better luck.

Jesus came to me in a dream. He was holding out a FAFSA.


We have a three phone cellular plan with Verizon and an unlimited calling plan from our land line through AT&T, but they don't do residential anymore. I would ditch the land line long distance, but its so convenient and cell sound quality is crappy.

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